Would You Like Some "This Time It's For Real" Weight Loss?

Weight Loss Tips - Start Eating Right!

One of the biggest challenges with losing weight and more importantly KEEPING IT OFF is getting your mind aligned with your goals. More often than not your mind is aligned with being overweight and the negative side of that – things like eating the wrong types of foods, too much of them and avoiding exercise for starters. Then we can add things like your weight, diets, calories, carbs and so on. You are focused on the problem rather than on the solution and how you are going to get free of that overweight, unhealthy and unhappy body.

When you have bad habits firmly embedded in your brain they are going to continue to override your good intentions time and time again. Losing weight under these conditions is very difficult, if not impossible as you are engaged in a battle with yourself each time you need to make a decision about better food choices or exercise.

To be able to lose weight you will need to have a strong desire to take the best actions to do that. You need to believe and keep on believing that the changes you need to make in your lifestyle so you can lose weight are worthwhile. What you are fighting though is that in your mind you believe that these new actions require a lot more effort than taking the easy way out and simply sticking to your old bad habits.

This is all faulty 'inner' mind programming. Years of misinformation and inherited wisdom about nutrition, dieting and exercise combine with some plain old self-delusion and act as roadblocks to any weight loss attempts. This is how you have become overweight and will stay stuck there without any changes are made.

Do some housekeeping in your brain for easy weight loss
There are several effective "cleansing" techniques for bridging the gap between your mind and your body. You can think of it like cleaning out the attic (your mind). It can help you identify and access the hidden internal barriers that are preventing you from achieving that slim, fit, healthy feel-good body. Once you do this, changing your habits will be easy and seem almost effortless.

Getting your mind working with you instead of against your means your self-sabotaging efforts are reduced (if not eliminated) and you will find it so much easier to adopt healthy habits and stick with them for good. You will feel so positive, focused and motivated which is pretty much the opposite of where you are today.

Think of this 'mind' reprogramming as something similar to getting the mind software that a naturally slim person 'runs'. They do not have to make an effort to be slim, they just automatically do the things that are needed to become and stay that way. You can have this too and once you do you will not believe how easy it will be and the fat will just melt away.

The strategies and tools to accomplish these are easy to follow and implement. Just by dropping new thoughts and self-beliefs into your mind, soon after you will notice that you will start making better food choices and enjoy exercise – things you are not doing today. You will be so excited when the penny drops and you believe "this time it's for real".

Source by Carolyn Hansen