Diet Can Ease Your Tinnitus

Diet Can Ease Your Tinnitus

Can food really effect the inner ear and tinnitus? The answer is yes. Scientists and physicians refer to the inner ear as the most energy hungry and nutrition sensitive organ of the body. We as humans do not manufacture energy, we eat it. As all the organs of the body need specific nutrients, so do the ears.

The inner ear has for example, the highest concentration of zinc in the body and a good source of zinc is … pumpkin seeds (also excellent for the prostate).

All parts of the inner ear require high quantities of nutrients to function properly and only if the right elements and enzymes are present the nerves successfully fire the precise signals at millisecond intervals required to accurately transmit sound. The stability of the cochlea, the auditory portion of the inner ear, depends upon the presence of minerals such as magnesium and calcium and a good source is … salmon and mozzarella cheese.

"The human body heals itself and nutrition provides the resources to accomplish that," Roger Williams Ph.D.

Many tinnitus sufferers have noticed that removing common table salt from their diet has eased the level of the ringing in their ears. The reason being that cutting down on salt take results in reduced fluid accumulation in the inner ear, reducing excess pressure on the nerve endings of both balance and hearing. After a salt free period, adding salt again, rises the level of tinnitus.

World wide, all serious tinnitus associations and doctors in the field recommend that tinnitus sufferers pay attention to what they eat. One by one they should eliminate possible sources of aggravation the main culprits being salt, sugar, alcohol, tobacco and coffee. So, feed the ears instead, with a diet aimed specifically at the ears. Zn, K, Na, Mg, Se are all chemicals that effect the ear as do vitamins A, B, E, C.

Fruit, spinach, nuts and whole grain products are all rich in magnesium which is needed to protect the nerves and bones of the inner ear. Zinc, mentioned earlier, can be found in a wide variety of food sources. Helping in the production of about 100 enzymes in the body, zinc builds a healthy immune system, maintains the sense of smell and taste and is needed for DNA synthesis.
Your diet can ease your tinnitus.

"Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be food," Hippocrates.

Source by Ronnie Hall